Chaudhary Services

Chaudhary Services (CS) & Gonal International are providing innovative & competitive services to farmers to contribute in the national economy (agricultural growth), as well as world economy. We are running pesticide business in Punjab, Pakistan since 1994. A company ‘Chaudhary Services’ (Pvt. Ltd.) (CS) was launched in1994. At the very outset, it started marketing by purchasing from local market. Soon after a big import from China was initiated. The company has a big network of well reputed, potential and competent dealers which are directly allied with the company. All the directors, company officials & dealers are well connected like a family. Annual turnover of this set up is around 7 million US dollars. A new company, ‘Gonal International’ was emerged from CS in 2014.It is basically a baby of CS company but growing by leaps & bounds.

It has 3 major tasks as follows;
1-Formulation of Pesticides
2-Manufacturing of Foliars
3-Import of Pesticides (Technical & Formulated), Fertilizers, Emulsifiers, Solvents & other products.

Gonal International Formulation Plant is an approved and registered with the Govt. of Pakistan, Plant Protection Department, Karachi.

As far as formulation is concerned it is one of modern plants having capacity of around 100,000 liters per day. A well-equipped Laboratory is connected with this plant which contain mostly Japanese & newest technology based Instruments.
Manufacturing of all the 11 foliars including Zinc10% (liquid), Potassium Humate 40%, Humic Acid10%(liquid), Potash 30%, Boron 5%, Multi micro Nutrients (liquid), Potassium Hydroxide(k2O), NPK 8:8:6, Nitrogen20%, Phosphorus20% & Organic Matter (compost) 25% is being carried out providing excellent quality on competitive prices to the farmers. Especially in cotton season day & night services are being provided at this plant/factory. Gonal International is importing different technical & formulated products, mostly from china. Besides this many Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Solvents & Emulsifiers are also imported from different countries.