Gonal International

Gonal International is a professional enterprise. It is committed to nourishing and enriching  the Agriculture and the lives of our nation. ‘Gonal International’ was emerged  in 2014.  It has 3 major tasks as follows:-
1-Formulation of Pesticides.
2-Manufacturing of Foliar Micro-nutrients.
3-Import of Pesticides (Technical & Formulated), Fertilizers, Emulsifiers, Solvents & other products.

Gonal Lab & Stocks


Gonal Inernational Laboratory is one of the best and most advanced, well equipped laboratory. Its stocks handling environment is up to the mark and state of worth following. Delivering the best quality under the best facilities is our landmark.

CS – Chaudhary Services


‘Chaudhary Services Pvt. Ltd.’ (CS) was launched in1994. At the very outset, it started marketing by purchasing from local market. Soon after a big import from China was initiated. ‘CS’ has a well-equipped refilling/packing plant and ware house.

This company has a big network of well reputed, potential and competent dealers which are directly allied with the company. All the directors, company officials &dealers are well connected like a family. Annual turnover of this set up is around 7 million US dollars.

Gonal Field Services

043Gonal Field Services (GFS) is an interactive strategy to guide farmers to use best products with fruitful way. In farming the trials and result are collected on data based system which assures our best performance on real grounds.